Who We Are

Pivotal Financial Resources provides consulting and other services to financial institutions that encompass a wide range of activities and functions. To accomplish these efforts, our company may obtain and/or utilize customer account and transaction information to perform analysis, test and/or use to complete the specific task or deliverable product.

Information Collected

The systems and services we provide often require that some information related to an account is necessary to complete the consultation project or service. Depending on the exact engagement, the type, amount and media that are collected will vary. We will consider information that is generally deemed as “confidential” as such in the performance of our assigned duties.

Information Shared

Our company may request or obtain confidential information from Bank clients related to the performance of a specific request or consulting engagement. The exact type of information or data will depend on the nature of the service and ultimate deliverable. In some cases, we may need to retain this information with work papers or other supporting data for audits. Our company will not share any of this confidential information with any other company, person or entity without expresses written approval from the financial institution or court orders.

Specific Agreements

Our company will adhere to the general terms of the confidentiality agreement provisions we have attached to this statement. Consult the sections within the agreement for actual efforts taken to protect the confidential information our people, systems or program may handle from unauthorized disclosure.

How to Contact Us

If additional information or questions regarding any incident or issue requires further examination or response, we recommend that you contact us in writing at the physical address shown on this document. For general questions, you may contact us using our main office telephone number of 512.496-5274 and email address of info@pivotalfinancial.com.

Download our full privacy notice and confidentiality agreement [PDF]